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Fresh harvest, always.


Root Farm genovese sweet basil is aromatic, fragrant and full of fresh flavour to brighten your food. With delightful scent of anise and notes of sweet yet slightly peppery, it creates additional depth to fresh salads and perfect as pesto or on pizza.

Try these too:

  • Blend into pesto or hummus.
  • Add into sandwich or burrito wrap.
  • Mix into cocktail or punch.
  • Infuse with water and orange

Store at room temp.


Root Farm italian parsley has fragrant and bright flavour that brings added freshness to your food. With hints of citrus, clove-like and an earthy flavour, it is perfect as flavouring to stocks, soup and sauces. Italian parsley are usually used whole – stem and leaves.

Try these too:

  • Blend into pesto
  • Include in marinades or brines for poultry
  • Add to fresh salads
  • Sprinkle handful over creamy soup

Store in the fridge.

Kale – Curly

Root Farm’s Curly Kale has bright flavours with hints of sweet peppery notes. Superb with olive oil, cheese and garlic. Make into hearty soup or stew to warm your soul. Or power up your salad with these superfood.

Try these too:

  • Blend into pesto
  • Combine with olive oil, garlic and cheese
  • Swirl into smoothie and juice
  • Savour kale chips with salt, paprika or cinnamon

Store in the fridge.

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