Seed List


Black Tuscany Kale

Colour: White stem with bright green leaves

Flavour: Bold, nutty and earthy flavour

Pairings: Great addition to any dish or salad for its nutty flavour. Excellent in sandwich, burger or throw a handful into your fried rice.



Colour: Toothed green leaves with white stem

Flavour: Mild spiciness

Pairings: Great addition to lightly cream soups, miso, soba and also chicken noodle. Excellent in salad mix. 


Red Amaranth

Colour: Bright red leaves

Flavour: Sweet, and earthy flavour

Pairings: An extra burst of colour on salad, burger or tacos. Sprinkle on omelette or in bowls. 


Red Cabbage

Colour: Dark-green, glossy leaves, with red and violet stem

Flavour: Mild peppery spiciness, with hints of broccoli flavour

Pairings: Great addition to salad mix and burger. Try with soba, omelette and sprinkle a handful on fried rice. 


Red Russian Kale

Colour: Green leaves with variegated stems of pink or floral purple

Flavour: Nutty and robust flavour

Pairings: Splash some colour to your hearty salad with these beautiful coloured stems. Excellent in sandwich, omelette and even in tacos. 


Scarlet Frill Mustard

Colour: Serrated red and green leaves

Flavour: Spicy flavour

Pairings: Great addition to salad mix, omelette and sandwich. Try on tacos and bowls. Turn any dish Insta-worthy. 


Wasabi Mustard Green

Colour: White stem with bright green top

Flavour: Spicy, bold mustard wasabi flavour

Pairings: Great addition to salad mix, soba and omelette. Try in sushi, wrap or burritos. 

Micro Herb

Basil, Genovese

Colour: Shiny green leaves with light green stems

Flavour: Subtle sweet-spicy flavour with herbal aromatic scent; slightly peppery flavour

Pairings: Excellent in salad, bowls or pasta. Sprinkle a handful on pizza or sandwich to spice things up. 


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