Root (Gēn)

Serving the community with super-local, pesticide-free, and real produce that you can rely on, from Root to Table

The Root (Gēn) Story

Located in the west of our garden city, Root (Gēn) sits within the many buildings that are built for commercial use. As our garden city is ever evolving, to meet the needs of this fast-changing society, it becomes a common sight to see green spaces being freed for high rise buildings. 

Land scarcity has always been a challenge to us; hence being called “The little red dot”, is something that we as a community should embrace and evolve with. This has led to the co-existence of farms within our community which we at Root (Gēn) believe, is a solution to the challenge that is inherit within our nation. 

Being able to co-exist with the community allows Root (Gēn) to have a closer relationship with the people which creates better understanding and allow us to serve the community better, from Root to Table.

Root to Table

At Root (Gēn), we believe in taking charge of your super-local, real produce from root to table. From the sowing of seeds, nurturing of your greens, to hand-harvesting your produces, are all carry out in our farm. This provides you the added assurance that what you are receiving, are being handled with utmost respect and care by our dedicated and passionate farmers.

Leafy greens are often perceived to be one dimensional and the quality of them are dedicated by their price tag. Here at Root (Gēn), we treat all our produces as three dimensional, where their appearance and taste profile evolve throughout their life cycle. As your local farmer in your community, we listen and are here to build relationship, to better serve you and to grow for you.

Next-Gen Farming

Our garden city is known for her monotonous climate, being either rain or shine. It is no surprise that the idea of farming and consuming locally grown produce is something that is relatively foreign to us. Here at Root (Gēn), we have develop and adopt farming technology that allow us to grow high quality produces, all year round. Being able to control the growing environment, it has open our doors to a wide range of variety of leafy greens, which we thought was not possible given the climate we live in. 

With the aid of technology, we are able to collect more data, which put us in a better position to assess and use them, to refine our water-efficient hydroponic growing system. 

Let’s grow together.

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